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Overview of Carbon steel material used in Process piping

Carbon Steel (CS):

Steel is basically a solution of carbon (C) in ferrous (FE). Carbon steel is the denomination for the steel that has almost no metallic alloy element added to it.

Carbon steel represents broad range of steel that contain

                               (a) 1% carbon (maxm)

                               (b) 1.65% manganese (maxm)

                               (C) 0.6% silicon (maxm)

Temperature range- it is used for temperature up to 425°c (800°f).

Types of carbon steel- generally there are 4 types of carbon steel

Types of carbon steel

For each types of carbon steel piping element common ASME material standard and dimensional standard are provided below.

1. CS Pipes:

Commonly used CS pipes material standard:

Seamless pipes:

standard for CS seamless pipe

Welded pipes:

Welded pipes are commonly manufactured in two types.

1. Electric resistance welded pipe (ERW):

Here no material is added during welding. Heat for weld is generated by giving –ve and +ve charge to the ends or by creating a strong electric resistance. So it’s called electric resistance welded pipe.

Standard for ERW pipe cs

2. Electric Fusion welded pipe (EFW):

Here filler material is added during welding. Advanced weld process are used to accomplish the job.

Standard for EFW pipe cs

2. Wrought fittings:

Factory made Butt welded Elbow, tees, cap, Reducer etc. comes into this category.

Standard for butt welded fittings

3. Forged Fittings:

Forges fittings like Flanges, sockolet, weldolet, Half Coupling, Forged valves comes into this category. For all of these forged fittings the material standard is one where as the dimensional standards varies

Standard for forged fittings

(a). Flanges:

dimensional standard for flanges

(b). Socket weld and screwed weld fittings:

Four pressure class are available for these type of fittings

Pressure class for socket/screwed fittings
dimensional standard for socket/screwed fittings

(b). Weldolet/sockolet:

standard for o let

3. Cast Fittings:

Casted fittings like valves come into this category.

Standard for cs valves

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