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Documents required to make an IBR test pack

Indian Boiler Regulation usually referred as IBR is a set of standards that regulates the materials, design and construction, inspection and testing of boilers and boiler components . It is mandatory for the manufacturer and users of boiler in India to follow this regulation.

If there is boiler/steam generation/steam distribution piping system in the project scope, the IBR piping package need to be created and the user should get it approved from concerning authority.

Here we will list out the five documents which are required to make an IBR test pack.

1. Drawing index:

The drawing index should list out the complete list of isometric drawings that need Approval. 

fig-1-IBR Drawing index

2. Piping data:

This document specifies the design temp/pressure of the service fluid and total length of pipe under IBR.

fig-2-piping data

3. IBR Design package-fabrication details and general notes:

In this section you should attach following list of detail drawings

(a) Steam traps detail drawings used in the service.

(b) Weld details for butt weld/socket welds/branch attachment welding details

(c) Pipe support legend, line numbering structure, general fabrication notes

fig-3-steam trap drawings
fig-4-piping weld details
fig-5-piping general notes

4. Pipe wall thickness tables and calculations:

For all the drawings to be approved for IBR the pipe thickness for each size of pipe should be listed out in a table. a sample for that is shown below with single pipe size.

fig-6-piping thickness calculation table
fig-7-piping thickness calculation table

5. IBR piping isometrics:

Lastly the composite isometrics of IBR lines those needed approval should be attached.

fig-8-IBR composite isometric dwg

The above documents together make an IBR test pack and the same goes for approval from concerning IBR authority.


  1. Vijay

    How I identify Ibr pipe at first sight

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    Can you please tell us the time period and cost involved for only IBR isometric approval .

    Thank You